No matter if I'm teaching yoga & meditation (in a gym, at a yoga studio, in a corporate setting or in a community environment) or massaging people, the reason people step onto their mat or enter a therapy room remains the same. They need a break. 

That's why I'm passionate about helping fatigued, overworked and burnt-out people learn how to stop resisting a rest and slow down. I'm passionate about helping people pause and smell the roses at least once a day.

I'm passionate about practicing and evolving mindfully, with an emphasis on keeping things as simple as possible and keeping to safe alignment during Yoga. I'm passionate about practicing Mindfulness through kindness and gentle self-care rather than hours spent sitting in meditation. 

I'm passionate about helping people release pent-up stress in their bodies through light, relaxing massages and assisted stretching so they can connect fully to their body & breath. 

Lastly, I'm passionate about helping people bring together different wellness practices and creating tiny happiness habits so they can feel calm and peaceful throughout their day. 



2018: 60hr Thai Massage, Sunshine Thai Massage School

2018: 50hr Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Ulu Yoga

2018: Diploma of Mindfulness, Centre of Excellence

2017: 75hr Anatomy, Assists and Adjustments, In Yoga

2016: 50hr Yin Yoga Training, Bodhi Yoga

2013: 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Santosha Yoga Institute




Anita Wong

Self-care specialist