What We Do Best:


Vinyasa/Hatha Flow

Move mindfully with your breath as you flow through sequences of movement designed to release tension, increase flexibility and range of motion in your body. What follows is improved mental focus, better awareness of breath and sense of deep calm and alignment. 



A yin yoga practice generally consists of a sequence of passive stretches to release tension in the body’s connective tissues. Under Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, our chi (prana) is held within our meridians. By unblocking and releasing myofascial tension, not only will it bring balance back to the body, but is also healing for the mind and spirit. 



Class Packages and Casual Sessions

Running low on time and can’t make it to a class?

Packages are a very cost effective way of getting the private yoga care and attention you require. All sessions are tailored to suit your health and body needs. We run small groups (you and up to 4 friends) so that we can give you more time and attention that will leave you feeling lighter in body, mind and spirit.

Our casual private sessions are great for those with a home practice who might need some personal motivation now and again. 


Half day Retreats

Recovery is a very important part of your active lifestyle that often gets overlooked. Our retreats and Recover and Detox workshops allow you to not only give your body the stretch and relaxation it deserves, but we also pack in nutritional classes so you leave with more health tools to be the best version of you.   


Community classes

Once a month we run an all-level, hour long and donation based class somewhere in Sydney. The fun is in the pop up location! Vote through your donation for your charity of choice after the class. Or choose to pay it forward and gift a class to someone in need. Make sure to join our social media community for updates on monthly locations.