How We Help You Best:


Hatha yoga Flow

Move with your breath as you flow mindfully through sequences of movement designed to release tension, increase flexibility and range of motion in your body. Leave feeling relaxed, more focused and with a sense of deep calm. 


Yin yoga

Experience better breathing and deep relaxation through a sequence of passive stretches to release tension in the body’s connective tissue. By unblocking and releasing myofascial tension, not only will it bring balance back to the body, but is also healing for the mind and spirit. 


one-on-one and private Group yoga classes

Running low on time and can’t make it to a class?

Get the private yoga care and attention you require. All sessions are tailored to suit your health and body needs. We run one-on-one and small groups (you and up to 3 friends) so that you get more attention than attending a studio class. Perfect for the time-poor or those with a home practice requiring alignment help or guided meditation to complement their practice. 

Great for beginners and friends with injuries!  


massage and assisted stretching  

Feel more connected to your body through Thai massage. Only light to medium pressure is used to help keep you in a relaxed state. If you've never had a Thai massage before, think moving meditation instead of sports massage/deep tissue. Thai massage also works on releasing energetic blockages to help you feel less anxious, calm and bring a sense of focus and clarity into the rest of your day.

For those wanting a stronger release of muscular or fascial tension, there is assisted stretching. Great for those who would like to work on developing their flexibility. 


mindfulness practices 

Meditation is an excellent tool to help bring focus, clarity and reduce anxiety. There is more to Mindfulness than meditation though. Let's work together to build up a tool-kit of simple anxiety and stress-reducing practices that can be implemented throughout your day. This is great for both a beginner and those who are already living a Mindful-life.  


Community classes

Once a week with Live Life Get Active we run an all-level, 45-minute FREE yoga session at George Kendall Reserve in Ermington. Send me an email for sign-up details. 

I also work closely with The Yoga Foundation to bring yoga to communities such as refugees and retirees with disabilities. If you work for a corporate organisation and would like to bring yoga to your workplace while helping out a non-profit at the same time,  please get in touch!