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Don't have the time to make it to your regular yoga gig? Or are you not feeling ready to practice in a room full of strangers?

We've got you covered. Each private class is tailored for YOUR body, YOUR needs and YOUR goals no matter how long you've been doing yoga for. In your private class, you are the focus of our attention as we work together through deepening your pranayama (breath-work) , perfecting your alignment and carving out some time for you to find your center. 

Each private class holds up to a maximum of you+3 friends at a location that suits you. Mats will be provided  for those without their own mats. 

Pass Types

How it works:

Purchasing a Single Class for 1 person is $70, for 2 people is $35 down to $17.50 per person per hour. 

Single Class Pass- $70

Five Class Pass- $297. Save 15%, single class value- $59.50. Valid for 3 months.

Ten Class Pass- $560. Save 20%, single class value-$56. Valid for 6 months.

Twenty Class Pass- $840. Save 40%, single class value- $42. Valid for 12 months. 

Rate are per hour. Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please note that we allow a suspension period of up to a fortnight on all purchases, more for extraordinary circumstances. 

Additional members of your group will be charged $10 per extra person.


We recommend purchasing class passes and sharing the cost between you and your friends. Invest in your health and start developing healthier habits together!

We won't take your money until you've booked into your first class. So what are you waiting for?