the mission is simple: 

To collaborate with clients and create balancing strategies so they feel, move and breathe effortlessly in their bodies. 

We do this by customising a portfolio of simple & gentle Hatha and Yin Yoga practices, Mindful meditation, Thai massage and assisted stretching to meet your needs. The aim is to have you float out of our session with a smile on your face! Everyone is welcome; group classes and private sessions are tailored to suit all fitness levels and body types. 


Why Sundays?

Traditionally, Sunday has been a day of luxurious self-care, relaxation and restoration where we allow ourselves to take it slow and feel good about it too.

We stop resisting a rest.

But along the way, we have forgotten how to rest and restore balance to our unending deadlines and having to meet the needs of our family, our friends, our colleagues and even our pets before we can even meet our own.  

The aim is to help you find calm via simple body & mind stress-releasing strategies to connect you back to you! There are many evidence-based studies that support integrating regular Yoga, meditation, massage/stretching and breathing into our daily life to manage stress and prevent feeling fatigued and worn-out. We blend all these strategies together so you can create balancing habits and feel effortlessly calm during your day. 

We're here to help you bring those Sunday-feels into the rest of your week!